18 year old who has no idea what she wants to do with her life anymore. Anything you need to know just ask.


NEW VIDEO It snowed where I live so now I’m prepping for the worst.


My NEW VIDEO is up! Pronunciation of Doom.

Watch and sympathize with my inability to pronounce words.


My new video is up! 

WWJD: What Would Joe Do

I have to laugh because I literally not lost a single follower on this blog since I moved to my new one, and yet no one moved over there…


My new video: The Beauty of Food. Watch me mutilate my skin for the sake of the internet once again. 

If you aren’t following me on twitter you are missing out on quality stuff.

And by quality I mean semi average humor that may make you huff or give a small lol of derision in your mind. 

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NEW VIDEO: “Drunk Pumpkin Carving" with Tyler & Sawyer!

I’m stalking people who reblog… who wants a follow? ;]

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Look who’s new video is up. I clearly overestimated my pumpkin carving abilities before I started this. 

  • Other people: Ew you're attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange???
  • Me: Dude. I am attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch as a fucking dragon.